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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A sticky little secret

I had someone ask on my other blog how I got this hairbow to stick to Little Squishy's head. I tried EVERYTHING to get them to stick to The Princess's head when she was an infant. KY, Karo's Syrup, etc. They would just fall off and leave a sticky mess. I just resorted to brain squeezers, which aren't my favorite, but what do you do?

When I had The Pea, a darling nurse in the hospital told me a little secret. Use Elmers Glue. It is water soluble and if you just get their hair wet before you wash the rest of their body at bathtime, by the time you get around to washing their hair, the glue is soft enough to be scrubbed out. Make sure you catch the ribbon. I have had more than my share almost go down the drain.