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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Braids: Long and Elegant

Do you doubt that braids can be elegant enough for a modern wedding? Well, wake up, ladies! In the right style braids can be every bit as formal and alluring as any other kind of hair.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Something for the long hair...

This kind of looks like a bow tie on it's side. You really need longer hair to do this - but you may be able to simplify it somehow & use it for short, also.
Before I dried her hair, I put Garnier Fructise's Mousse in it to help make it not so soft after it was dried. Then I teased her hair just a bit with a comb right in the front to give it a little more volume & then pinned back:
Bring the rest into a low pony & don't pull the hair all the way thru (but don't pull too much - I just left as small a loop as I could). Secure that with another elastic so you don't have hair falling out of it.
The pony tail that is sticking out, begin pinning in loops about the same size & loop below.
Make it look as even as possible & use your fingers to spread the hair & hide any openings. That hair that is left over - you are going to wrap around the elastic to hide it. I spray it as I go, then secure it with a pin & it should stick good for you all day.
Spray to hold & you are finished. This looks really cute for church or with a dress - it fancies it up just a bit.
side view

Monday, October 26, 2009

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Partial Updo With Big Curls

Sass and sophisitication with this style that gives the best of updos and curly styles.

Photo/Jewelry by Omo Misha

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where have I been???

Wow!! Where has the time seriously gone? Life has just been crazy, crazy!! I keep thinking it's going to slow down this week - but it only gets worse. We are getting ready to go to Costa Rica next week so I've been trying to get lots done before we leave, which includes a project for Super Saturday that is like the next day we get home & I started teaching piano this fall & my little girlie is in preschool & the mornings (even though she leaves at 11:) we just don't have time to sit & take pictures - so there you have it. But I promise - I'm still around!! I actually have a couple hairdos that I have ready to post - it's just the "getting around to it" part that's hard. I know people are waiting for a new post so here's something VERY VERY quick that hopefully anyone can do:

Part the hair on the side. French braid just a few strands down on one side (if you aren't very good at french braiding or dont' know how, just do a regular braid - it would work just as well)
The other side, you are going to twist. Don't put an elastic in just yet!!
Bring the braid over so that it is on the side - not middle (kinda hard to tell in this picture but it is more on the side) Take the elastic out for the braid so you only have one elastic holding them both together.
I just curled the hair & added a bow. How fast is that??? But just kind of fun with it being 2 different braids on the sides. Here is a side view of the french braid.

front view:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pony Updo

This ponytail updo is courtesy of the brilliant stylists who make up HJI.