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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Fun Christmas Updo

Because really, I don't know what else to call this.

We did this little ditty on Sunday and I LOVED it. I curled it tighter because, well, I felt like it. Today the curls aren't as tight and I STILL love it!

Start by pulling the hair into little triangle ponytails. With Tess, I started on either side of her bangs and went to her crown, then from that ponytail (and the one on the other side) I went just beneath the ear. What was left, was one more so.
Then I pulled each ponytail into a knot.

A bit closer.

Next, I took each ponytail and combed it to the center. When I had them all in my hand, I went around to each ponytail and pulled a little hair out of either side. You can see them hanging down. The middle I secured in another ponytail that I didn't pull all of the way through. That's just a temporary fix for a minute while I do a few more things.

Curl each of the pieces that you had pulled from the original ponytails and then spray the heck out of them with hairspray (dumb humidity).

Now I pulled the ponytail all of the way through and curled the rest of the pieces. Then I tied a bow around the base and fluffed the ponytail.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Front French Braid into Two Ponytails

I love combining elements. In this one I did a Dutch braid (inside out French braid) from her part to her ear along her hair line. Then I curled all of the hair that was left down, parted it down the middle and pulled the Dutch braid into one half in a ponytail and pulled the other side into a ponytail. To poof it up, I held onto the elastic with one hand and pulled up hair at the crown...just a little, too much and she would have looked a little too boofy.

{I am SO sorry! I just realized that I have a bunch of entries that have no pictures! My computer went crazy for a while and I couldn't upload pictures to the net. I put them all on Photobucket and one day went stir crazy on that site and deleted a bunch, not realizing that they were linked to this site. I will remedy that soon.}

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Half Twists

This one is really super easy.

Using the elements of THIS twist, part the hair down the middle and pull into sections to the ears.

Divide each section in half and twist to the ends. I temporarily held the first one with a clip.

Then repeat on the other side.

Take both twists and pull together. Decide where you want the twists to end and secure with an elastic.

Finish the hair how you would like. I really like this one with a flip and with curls. It's really up to you.

Then tie a ribbon, place a bow or a flower for the weight (this one has a tendency to flip funny).

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Natural Bride

The Christmas Tree

We did this for her Christmas party at school today. Start at the top with one ponytail. Her's is triangle shaped. Then do a normal smocking style until you get to the bottom. At the bottom divide it into two ponytails.

As far as the accessories, I bought some Christmas buttons and used Jenn's fun accessory idea. Loop the elastic through the button and put on top of the ponytail.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

One of my cute friends from high school has a bow blog. They recently moved to London & she says that they don't love bows like we do over here. So she's up & doing her blog again. Check her blog out. It's She sent me this today:

"I wanted to let you know that I will offer 50% off any (one-time) order that tells me they found my website through your blog."

So check it out if your looking for some darling bows & want a killer deal - especially since Christmas is so close! & don't forget to tell her you found her site through my blog to get your 50% off!

down & curly

These pictures just don't do it justice how cute this really is. My husband loves when I keep her hair down & he just kept saying how cute it was today. It's the curls - they're too cute not to try. It makes her looks so grown up:( But it also makes her hair look thicker than what it really is.

I let her hair air dry today. Then I put some curling gel from Garnier Fructis all over. I pinned the bangs back before I started to curl away.
I'm going to have to demonstrate these curls - it's the same way I curl mine & I've been doing them more often on her lately & they seem to hold a lot better than wringlet curls. I start by curling just the top layer. Then go fill in spots (i ended up curling all of her hair but on myself, I don't curl all of the underneath - it gets too thick). You hold the curling iron closer to the base of the head & wrap the hair around the curling iron & hold for 20-25 seconds. After I've gone all the way around - I brush my fingers through to make it not look "just off the curling iron look". Then I spray pretty good with hair spray to hold it. That's it. This would work on any length of hair. Try it out & let me know how it worked on your girlie.

Lily-Pie Clips Winner!

Congratulations Flutterbug! Please contact me at the e-mail address to the right with your address so I can get these darling clips to you!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Long and Flowing

Courtesy of Landa

Merry Christmas Giveaway---times up!

Have you ever had an "I must have it" moment with something? That is absolutely how I feel about this hair accessory!

I have to rave about this. Lily-Pie Designs is one of my FAVORITES out there! Her products are the absolute highest quality and you have never seen anything SO darling in a little girls hair!

Until tomorrow at 5:00pm MST, you have a chance to win one of your very own set of butterfly clips. They are pink with brown and white absolute MUST HAVE for your stocking!

Leave me a comment and then head on over to to find the perfect accessory for your sweetie pie this Christmas!
Oh, and the hair do?
Part the hair into three sections. I start at the ear and go across the head to the other ear.
Pull the top section into a ponytail on one side and the bottom one into a ponytail on the same side.
Pull both into the middle section and secure with an elastic. I pulled the hair into a messy bun.
Top off with some darling butterfly clips that are too cute for words!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

fAncY hAIr

A little fancy today - but that's okay. Here it is:
Do sections all around the head - like a headband & add the elastics.
Grab 2 of the sections & split them in half. Braid these 2 together. To make it even, I split each one less than half apart so there were four sections. I brought the 2 middle pieces together so I had the 3 strands to braid.
Braid all around the head doing the same thing.
Pull it all up into a pony.
I did wringlet curls in the pony.
Then start pinning the curls up with bobby pins
Spray to hold. & that's it!!

Braided Chignon: Natural Style

Courtesy of LCA VideoMakers

Monday, December 8, 2008

3 messy piggies

Wow!! I think that's the longest I haven't posted something new. I'm so sorry to those who are waiting for a new idea. I was gone for 2 weeks & I'm finally getting back to the routine of things. But it's not slowing down with Christmas right around the corner. It gets so hectic!! We have to get a babysitter 4 different times this week!! & I'm sure life is in the fast lane for everyone right now. I'm pretty proud I squeezed in time to post this. I've been thinking of some new things - if I can just get some more time added to life:)

Here it is:

Start by doing the tuck under knot
I hope you can see from this picture, but I sliced the hair down from the tuck under not down to her ear. This is what started my inside out french braid.
As part of the 3 sections to start the braid, I used the half of the tuck under knot for one section & divided the other part in half to give me 3 sections.
Do the braid on each side, just braiding down a few strands.
Divide the rest of the hair into 3 sections. Put into messy piggies. As I was pulling the hair up, I split each end of braids in half so that one half went into side pony & the other half of it went into the middle. Do it with both sides - so the sides don't have more hair than the middle. It makes it more even. Spray to hold. If she would have let me - I would have added 3 cute bows, but she's kind of getting to that stage where she doesn't want her bows in anymore. So bummed out!