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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Aren't these all SO cute...

Over at EVERY LITTLE DETAIL (click on it)they are doing a spring savings. It's her 28th birthday so they're offering 28% off!! It's beginning Thursday, April 30th, at 12:00am MST and lasting until 11:59 MST. The coupon code is BirthdayGirl. So head over there because all of their stuff is DARLING!! Here's a few things from EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. Make sure you check it out though because there is a lot more than just these headbands:

I understand this picture is flipped - I'm just to lazy to reload it:) If anyone knows a way that I can flip it after it's been uploaded to my blog I would love the help!

So these headbands are ADJUSTABLE!! There's lot of colors & darling! My little girl LOVES them & wants to wear them every day now. & it's fun because you add the flower clip to it where ever you want it. By the end of this day, she had the clip back up top. So FUN!
These are just so clever! They are BOBBY PINS that actually are cute. But not only are they really cute, they are really STRONG!
When you have your girlie's hair down & want to keep the bangs out of the face without having the bobby pin fall out or just looking ugly - this is such a simple solution! LOVE it. This is my favorite.
I don't know why she won't ever look normal at the camera - but here's the set in together. Are they not so CUTE?
There's so many ways you can use them. You could also use them when your girlies hair is up in a pony tail & she's got those straggling, loose hairs that just keep falling down - this would be perfect. & I'm telling you, they're seriously a STRONG hold. & you can add the bobby pins in so the bobby pin actually doesn't show, just the FLOWER
Okay - here's another option how to wear the head band. The picture I had of her full on was flipped so this is the best I got. But you can wear it like your normal head band, with the hair down & add that darling FLOWER clip to add detail.
EVERY LITTLE DETAIL not only has flowers to choose from but darling BOWS. This is a rag bow that we added & it's just too cute.

The headbands don't only fit little girls, but it fits ALL sizes!! Yep, that's me. haha!! I just wanted to be able to show that we can wear it too & I LOVE it. It's so fun. Wear it with or without a flower clip
Here it is with a flower clip added to it. Seriously - you guys all need to check this store out. & why not do it why she's having her spring savings event tomorrow!! Don't forget!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Little Loose Today

Since the weather has been getting nicer & she's been wearing summer dresses, it's been fun to do cute little loose updos. We were going to a park & wanted something out of her face & it worked.
Part half the hair down all the way around the crown. Clip the hair up so it's not in the way. With what is down, I parted down the middle to divide the twist braids in 2.

Do your twist braid on each side
Bring the 2 twist braids together in the middle with an elastic, pulling it tight as you add your elastic.
Curl the hair that is left on top. I did very fast curls, knowing that I was pulling it all back.
After curling, I pinned the bangs back with bobby pins & then loosly pulled the rest into a ponytail, including the pony from the twist braids. Don't pull thru all the way & let the curl hang over the pony.

Add a cute flower underneath the hair, instead of on top (i feel like I'm always putting them on top, it's a nice little change)
Spray to hold & there you have your loose pony.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Giveaway!!

For those of you who are interested: TRINZY is doing a GIVE AWAY!! It's a darling tutu with a set of pink flower clips. Really cute!! If you click on the name & it will take you there where it gives all the info about the giveaway. All you have to do is sign up on their emailing list. So go now!!

Sisterlocks for the Natual Bride

Thursday, April 2, 2009

soft curls for Easter

This was really easy & quick - the longest thing took curling, which took about 20 minutes for the entire hairdo. So once again, thinking about Easter, I wanted to do something a little more fancy that you probably wouldn't normally do for school or in the week.
First, part your headband. I don't have a picture, but I secured the two sides of the head band under the hair with an elastic to keep it as a headband. Otherwise, it would constantly be in her face, falling out. Then pull half of the hair up & don't pull through all the way, leaving a small poof on her head.
Curl her hair with this CURLING TECHNIQUE. It took about 15 minutes to curl her hair all over. We actually went to a park this day to fly kites (lots of running) & when we returned, her hair was still curly & still looked cute.
We added some little clippies in the pony left over so it gave it some texture.
You can't see well in the picture, but we sprayed hair glitter all over in her hair just go give it that special occassion look - plus the glitter is her favorite thing so it's fun to pull it out once in awhile. (i bought mine at walmart during halloween time - not sure if you are still able to buy it since it's seasonal but check a hair supply store like Sally's)

Long and Layered