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Friday, May 28, 2010

yes, another side pony, our favorites

This is one of my favorite hairstyles for my girlie. It's super fast & you can change it up with the bun or braids.

Divide 3 sections & add elastics off to the side.
Braid the top & bottom ponies
Bring to the center to make one pony
I braided the pony. Then pulled the braid half way thru & half way thru again to make a braided bun without having to go around & around the pony (those never stay or look nearly as cute for me)

Add your bow & you are finished! Easy!!
side view

Monday, May 24, 2010

When I did my girlie's hair like this - we ran to Maverick to get a redbox. A scary looking & intimidating man approached me & says hi. her hair is so cute. Then walks away. It was too funny. So if this man thinks it's cute - I hope you all do too.
Start at the bottom of hair & part a small section. Make sure when you part it - you are at an angle & add your elastic to the center of that angle. All of the runners are at an angle
Repeat as far up as you would like to go - still angling each part.
I put just one elastic in the front to even things out in the front & back.
That's it!! Add a cute bow. We hadn't worn her hair in a straight pony forever & it was so quick & I loved seeing how long her hair looked with it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

I feel like I have a lot to smile about right now. Summer is almost here. My girlie will be out of school in 3 days so that's good news for you guys - we'll be able to post more:) Summer also means 2 weeks at the beach!! Can. not. wait.

Also - my man graduates college today. After going for 10 years, many degree & school changes he is officially done!! & to add to our exciting week - he won a drawing at work for a 7 day cruise to Mexico for the 2 of us!! Hooray!!

Since I'm in such a good mood this morning - I'll finally post this. It has been in my folders for a few weeks now. Like I said - once this girlie is out of school - hopefully be hanging around here more often.

If you can't french braid - or don't have time - cut the braid on top - but *warning* it adds so much to this & it's darling. This would be perfect for another short hairstyle. Anything with the runners going up is awesome for short hair because it keeps all those straggling baby hairs up.
Start by adding 3 elastics on each side at the bottom of the hair (yes I see Lola & Lota in the tv. charlie & lola is a favorite during hair time:)

Once you've got your 3 elastics on each side - start at the bottom & bring them together, in the middle. Take the next section to the middle but include the bottom with it - making your way up.
Here's what it should look like:
I did the braid with only ONE strand. Remember this? Super easy. You start a regular braid & only add to one side of the braid (right side in this case) so it flips the braid more on it's side.

With the french braid on top, divide the hair on bottom into 2 sections & throw those into 2 pigtails, like so
We finished with messy piggies because they are the fastest for us. But if you would like to take the time to curl or do something else - it would all be cute!
Front view: