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Monday, May 24, 2010

When I did my girlie's hair like this - we ran to Maverick to get a redbox. A scary looking & intimidating man approached me & says hi. her hair is so cute. Then walks away. It was too funny. So if this man thinks it's cute - I hope you all do too.
Start at the bottom of hair & part a small section. Make sure when you part it - you are at an angle & add your elastic to the center of that angle. All of the runners are at an angle
Repeat as far up as you would like to go - still angling each part.
I put just one elastic in the front to even things out in the front & back.
That's it!! Add a cute bow. We hadn't worn her hair in a straight pony forever & it was so quick & I loved seeing how long her hair looked with it.

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