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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One for the boys post - nothing to do about hair!

I know, I know this is such a GIRLIE blog but I just had to show these. For those of you who live in Utah & have ever tried to find these uniforms for your little boys - they now sell them. My uncle has recently come out with this line for boys 3-10 & as of what I know this is the only place you are able to get them. They are SO cute- they even get their name on the back & a #. Check it out HERE to view the website. They are perfect since fall is coming up with football season just around the corner or for Halloween or Christmas or just to wear!

By the way - I've been out of town the last couple weeks & have another week of being gone - so no new hairdos for me until I get back!! Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

Short Bridal Hairstyle With Comb Tiara

Courtesy of Morning Star Photography

Thursday, July 16, 2009

For the short & the long

My niece slept over again so once again, we got to show a SHORT hair do for today! I LOVE side ponies on little girlies, but when you have such short hair, it's hard to keep all that hair up in the pony tail & so it's not falling down all day. Here's a great way to keep that pony in place:
All you do on this are the tuck under knots. Part the hair on the side & go off the part for each section.
Make your way around the head, making the tuck under knots on the side of the head, spacing them out evenly.
On the other side, we just added 2.
Bring the hair from both sides into a side pony. We finished it with a half way pulled thru bun & added our cute bow.
Now you have a side pony that isn't your typical one.

For the LONGER version:
Start it out the exact way. But NO tuck under knots (her hair is starting to get too thick to do tuck under knots in a row with the entire hair so we skipped this step) Instead - add one pony, add the second, then braid the first & add it to the second.
Do one on the other side also. Because my girlie's hair is longer & thicker than the short hair style, I spaced them out farther - making it super fast for me. For the shorter hair, you want it closer together so no hair falls out each pony.
I braided the pony to end it & added our cute bow. This seriously took me less than 10 minutes on each girl. Try it out!

Intricate Updo With Flower

Courtesy of Magic In Motion

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's yet another Fancy Nancy hairdo

I had someone email me this picture recently asking if I could explain how they ended it so I thought it would be fun to share how to do this. First, I didn't make my braid as thick as her's is in this picture so it makes a big difference. Also, there are many ways you can end this: do one on each side & bring them together. Only do this one side & go around as far as you want, putting a bobby pin in place to hold it, or do what I did for this fancy nancy party.
She got invited to another fancy nancy party, which she so loves birthday parties, but the ones she gets to get all dressed up for - she loves even more. You can see how my braid is much smaller than hers up top because we did 2 braids instead of 1.
This picture is kind of dark - sorry! You start off with your 3 strand braid. Then you add only ONE side:the top - just like we've done on a braid a few posts back.
Instead of adding that NEW strand into your braid, keep it down & just go ahead & keep your braid going, adding one strand & keeping it down as you get to the left side. If you look closely - you can see I've dropped my fourth piece or piece I have just added. It is a little awkward at first & don't worry if the hair is all bunchy at the top - it is fixable!!
Once you get to as far as you've wanted to go (I added pieces all the way from her left side of her head) just braid a regular 3 strand braid to finish it off. Then tug down on those pieces that you added that are all bunchy at the top. They should smooth down perfectly!
I added another braid & brought the 2 braids together at the end. I love how you can see the pieces added going straight down.
Then I just curled the ends of her hair, added a bow to match & sprayed our favorite glitter in her hair.
Side view:
front view:

Low Chignon with Bangs

Bangs are "la mode" right now. Take advantage of them by pairing them with a low chignon for lovely bridal style.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just for fun...

Whoever said that braids were just for little girls? Yep...we have twinner hair. Only because I don't have 2 girlies to have them match each other:)
See - braids are for everyone!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Check this out...

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Eva Marcille: Braid Bun