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Monday, September 20, 2010

Double Rope Braids

My girlie's hair is just getting oh so long! I can't get her to cut it. I think she would look darling in a bob but she loves her long locks too much so we opted for layers, or "lazers", as she call them. She went up to our hair dresser & said will you cut Lazers in my hair? He looked at me like what???? Layers. They are long layers so it gives enough texture that when we curl it - it holds better & looks better. Also, because they are longer, when we braid or pull her hair up - the layers aren't sticking out with every braid.

So here's our new post:

Start by dividing the hair in half horizontally. Clip the top part up.
Begin to TWIST braid the hair. Unfortunately, I cannot find the tutorial that I have put up here on how to do this twist - so looks like there will be one coming soon. If you haven't learned this twist braid - you will love it - it seems to be a constant in our home.
Next, twist the top section - bringing the 2 together to make a side pony
I pulled the pony 1/2 thru an elastic. This left a good way for me to do a messy bun. I then pinned in to let the bun take it's shape how I wanted it.
I then curled the ends that were left hanging
& you're finished!!

front/top view

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Remember how I told you I had another variation of the rolled flower? I'm finally getting around to posting it. I have one more idea that I want to show you with the rolled flowers so stay tuned for that also.

I love this because it replaces a bow & stays in better than a bow would which is super for this little girlie going to school & losing bows left & right.
Get a nice tight side pony. Then braid just one section on the top of pony & secure with elastic
Just like the previous post, began twisting the braid - keeping it flat & securing with bobby pins as you go along. If you can't remember - check the post out below
& you're finished!! I curled the pony but do what you want

side/front view

Elegant Twists: Natural Style

This style mixes two-strand twists with a dramatic color.