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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stolen videos, stolen memories.

Sorry for my lack of posting today, I had planned to do a haul post but instead this is what I have be doing - 

In the space of a week three channels have uploaded my videos and monetize them (which is placing ads on them to make money) Mostly it's a minor annoyance. Sure it's not nice when someone takes credit for your work and makes money from it but the worse part was when they steal personal videos.

                                                                                                                                           I was on youtube a few days ago and saw my dog's face on someone elses channel. I felt sick. The video they stole and uploaded was this one - 

This was the hardest video to edit and when it was done I wanted to share it with my family and friends who loved sandy and the easiest way to do that is to upload on youtube. 

To have something so special to me stolen and uploaded for money by a stranger who never met sandy, who never knew her expressions, who didn't hold her while she was ill make me sick! I donated to my local animal shelter after Sandy passed in memory of her and I plan to use the money I make from the video to donate regularly to them. 

Sure, with a few clicks of a few buttons the videos are removed but I spend most of the day removing them. The form on youtube isn't the easiest to use and its time consuming. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Make Up Wars

Sunday October 20th 2013

I know so many of you are makeup artist and I wanted to let you know about a makeup artist contest being held in Dublin. 

There are 6 categories; Catwalk, Body art, Bridal, Drag Queen, Glamour, A&E

Elaine Butler-Doolin - From Celebrity Salon ( TV3) & Bespoke Beauty
Portobello Institute Creative Courses Head Tutor
The International Make-Up Academy, Founder & Director Anne Morrissey

I would enter the Bridal category if I wasn't so busy that month but I thought I would let you know about it because so many of you are makeup artist too.

Here is where you can enter:

If you enter I wish the best of luck!

Makeup lessons

How to Elongate Your Eyes

Highlighter -
Midtone -
Contour -
Black -

Eye Lash Curler Japonesque Professional Eyelash Curler
They're Real by Benefit
Lashes Ardell Lash Accents #301
Primer The Balm "put a lid on it"

Eye Makeup For Beginners:
Smokey Eye Makeup For Beginners:

Brushes -
E32/33 Double Ended Tapered Crease Blender/Smudger
E28 Ultra Fine Liner
Blending Duo (E25/26)

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Treena

Today is my sister's Birthday!

I'm so lucky to have a sister, I thank my lucky stars I was given a sister to grow up with. When she was born she was so ill and could have died and I couldn't imagine what my life would have been without my little sister, She always been the cool smart one and even though I am older I do sometimes look up to her for support like I'm the little one 
(technically I am the little one as I'm shorter than her ha)

She's one of the coolest people I know with awesome taste in music and fashion.
(Here she is singing Black Horse and a Cherry Tree)

Not only can she sing modern music but she can sing opera, we force her to sing high long notes because its just so so funny how she can do it!


She also writes her own music even from the age of 9 she was writing and recording music, Mostly about how annoying her sister was! "She's my sister" written about me was a famous song in our house the chorus was - 

She's my sister and sometimes I hate her
and sometime is right now
but sometimes she's okay 
but that doesn't mean I like her anyway
Oh oh my sister!

It's actually extremely catchy when you hear it and we still sing it sometimes! 

Here is an original by her, it's actually the first video 
I ever edited way before youtube even existed. 

She has also been in a few of my video too, I love working on her because it's always really funny she's never stop talking and knows so much about fashion and makeup 

Here is one of my favourite looks I did on her!

Here's to you sister sue! I love you!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Babe, what's up with your face?

Babe, what's up with your face??

Last week I broke out in a few blemishes on my cheek and laugh lines. It's pretty typical of me to break out here specially when I don't stick to my skincare routine (More on that tomorrow) but this break out took so long to heal and I was getting a little tired of it so I used my extra strong spot cream - Avene TriAcneal cream. 

This stuff is serious, it does one of two things - 
Brings the spot the surface to you can remove it carefully or reducing the size and allows it to fade over time with a peeling effect which removes the old layer of the skin to reduce scarring. 

But there is a problem - 

I use it at night only and it usually works but me being impatient decided to use it morning and night and any time I felt like it really...

To quote my favourite movie - Big mistake, huge! 

Woke up with this orange, peeling, red mess to which my bf says - 
Babe, what's up with your face?

My skin looks greasy in the picture due the cream I was wearing but you can see the orange staining, The cream turns orange on contact and the redness is a dry rash, the skin is so tight and on my chin you can just about see the flakey skin - Horrible!

I stopped using the spot treatment (obviously) and I keep the skin clean and to deal with the flakiness and dryness I am using Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream. Works a treat! 

Best advice I can give anyone is be patient!

Hope that explains why you can only see half my face in my new video:
I didn't want to miss an upload but I couldn't wear makeup on the other side. Oh well! :/

Friday, August 23, 2013

Makeup Lesson

5 Easy Ways to Add Colour to Your Makeup

1: Blush
For some of us blush is the only colour we use on our faces and I got asked easier this week - 
"What is the point of blush"
Well as the name suggests blush is there to mimic blushing which gives us a healthy glowing look for those of us (Like me) who can look very pale and tired without adding it.

(Not always a bad thing - I used to get sent home from school a lot because I looked "Terrible pale")

2: Blush as Eyeshadow

When I trained with a runway model makeup artist years ago, she told me how she would always brush a little blush or lipstick into the crease of the eyes to match the cheeks and or lips, its a brilliant way to bring a look together and at the moment I LOVE it! 

3: Lipstick

Lipstick is an easy way to add colour, and can make anyone look extra special! I love my reds or berry tones, they make me feel fancy but lipstick can also bring out your eye colour 

Check out my video here if you don't know what I mean:

4: Smudged Eyeshadow

Take your favourite colour of eyeshadow something you never have the confidence to wear on your lid and smudge it under your eyes instead, its fun, easy and a great way to go from the office to a night out in seconds! 

5: Subtle Eyeshadow

If you find colourful eye makeup all too much but you are tired of your basic brown eye makeup just add a touch of colour on the center of your basic eye makeup and blend outwards. Great way to match your dress or accessories! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School---Non-hair post

Next Monday my five-year old enters Kindergarten.  She has a bit longer of a day since she is in a language immersion program.  The longer day also means lunches at school.  For most kids, this isn't a problem and is super exciting!  For us it's a little bit different.

Our sweet Sophie has a peanut/treenut and a venom bite allergy.  Eating in the lunchroom and playing on the playground are enough to send her into anaphylaxis.  Even though the lunchroom and playground staff, teachers and administration are all trained on how to handle her allergies if such an incident occurs, it's still enough to make my heart beat in my throat until I pick her up from school.

And then there is the friend issue.  I am really hoping that she finds a friend whose parents will send to school with a non-nut lunch.  I hope they won't be nervous about inviting her to playdates and birthday parties.  A mom's worst nightmare is a lonely or targeted child at school.  

In an effort to make our family more aware (a well-meaning grandparent tried to give her Cracker Jacks not realizing the top ingredient was peanuts) my husband made this little video.  

If there are any other allergy moms and kids out there in hairland sending their babies off to the first day of school, best wishes and good luck to you!  If you have any suggestions or advice for me due to your experiences, I'd love to hear it!



Carly Cold Shoulder T-Shirt

Pleated Skater Coral Skirt

 Lace 3/4 Sleeve Sleeve Lace Bodycon Dress

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let's Glow

I'm loving HIGHLIGHTER at the moment, I think no matter how bad you look or feel a little glow can make it all better (Silly I know!)

The Balm MARY Lou Manizer 
I saw this online in a few makeup tutorials and I loved it! I put it on my "to get" list right away! I actually thought it was a creme highlighter (Which by the way would be awesome) But I later found out it's a powder and a pretty (Very Pretty) awesome one! 

Sleek Contour Kit
The Sleek Contour Kit, I dunno how many times I have used this in videos! It's one of the best products I have ever owned. It has a matte bronzer, which is brilliant for contour the face and it's slightly larger than the highlighter which makes sense seeing as you apply bronzer on more of the face and use a large brush (Thank you Sleek for thinking of that) 
It also comes in three different shade - Light, medium, dark. Perfect! 

Check out my full tutorial here:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Makeup lesson

A Beginner's Guide to Eye Makeup
From using primer, picking brushes, choosing eye shadows

Let’s start with primer
Primers help your eyeshadow last longer and prevent oils from crease the shadows
Or could use your concealer or foundation as a base and set it with powder to help your
eyeshadow last longer, it’s the old fashion way!

(The only one you need)

Flat brush, great for apply eyeshadows to the lid and lining the lash line with the flat tip.

A small smudger/pencil brush for detailed work 
(You can use this to smudge your eyeliner)

My FAVOURITE!! This applies and blends! I LOVE this! Get it, Try it, I know you will love it as much as I do! 

The duo blender! Use one side for blending dark shades and one to blending light shades!

Eyeshadows come is a different textures, tone and shades it can be kind of confusing
But you really only need 3-4 shades to create a basic eye makeup look

One highlighter, which should be at least one shade lighter than your skin
You can also use your facial highlighter which is a great way to bring your look together.
(It can also be matte)

One MATTE mid tone, this will help to blend your eye makeup softly Try using your matte bronzer if you can't find one.  

Dark Contour, this should be at least two shades darker than your skin this adds shapes and shadows.
(This can be matte or shimmer)

Watch my full tutorial here:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Eye Shapes

Finding Your Eye Shape


The average distance between a pair of eyes is the length of one eye.
Some times that distance is shorter – meaning the eyes are spaced closer together.
And other times that distance is wider – meaning the eyes are spaced further apart.

Average Eye Spacing – 
 The eyes are spaces one eye length apart.

Close Set Eyes –
The eyes are spaced closer than one eye length apart.  

Wide Set Eyes –
The eyes are spaced further than one eye length apart.

Average – The eye lid is visual from the inner corner to the outer edge in a smooth curved shape.
Celebrity – Kim Kardashian & Cheryl Cole

Prominent – The eyes can protrude or extend from the face and may cause a crease underneath.
Celebrity – Katy Perry & Mila Kunis

Deep Set – The eyes are set deep in the head the opposite of a prominent shape.
Celebrity – Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift (Taylor’s eyes are also close set) 

Hooded – The eyes are almost hidden by a heavy crease with creates a hood over the lid.
Celebrity – Miley Cyrus & Jessica Sanchez

Droopy – The eyes drop or droop slightly on the outer edge.
Celebrity – Ann Hathaway 

Saturday, August 3, 2013


How To Enter - 
If you would like to win all the makeup products I used for this tutorial:

"Like" Themakeupchair facebook page

Or Follow me on Twitter
Or Both

Leave a comment too (You don't have to but) I love hearing from you! 

If you are under 18 please asked permission before entering
Winner will be announced on twitter and facebook
Open worldwide till Saturday the 17th of August 

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Disclaimer - I am not affiliated with the company. Rimmel did not give me these products I bought them myself, I got two of everything, one to giveaway and one to use, so don't worry you aren't winning used makeup that's gross lol Good Luck!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

YSL Cassandre Clutch - It Clutch Of 2013

It's elegant & chic, trendy & classy - it's one clutch you won't want to separate from.
Nude, black or red it will be noticed wherever you go.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Makeup Lesson

 More over eyeshadow, 

Do you want to bring out your eye colour???
Don't wanna use eyeshadow?
Use your lipstick!

No No, don't put lipstick on your eyes silly!

Put it on your lips (Or cheeks)

Colour                    Lipstick/Blush/Clothing 
Blue Eyes              Orange, peach, coral, gold, 
Green Eyes            Purple, Berry, Reds
Light Brown Eyes  Blue tones pinks (Cool skin tone)
Med Brown Eyes  Red/Purple 
Black/Brown Eyes Bright reds, pinks, oranges, purples 

Hazel: Blue/green
If you want to bring out the blue try orange 
If you want to bring out the green try berry tones

Hazel: Brown/Green
If you want to bring out the brown try blue toned pink
If you want to bring out the green try purple or berry
Or try Red!

Grey (Hints of blue) Try orange/Coral
Grey (Hints of green) Try Purple

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kardashian Makeup

Kardashian Makeup

Kardashian Makeup look 
inspired by Kim Kardashian,Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian

I love the Kardashian's makeup and for this look I used some of their new products from Kardashian Beauty (The name was changed from khroma beauty)

Products I used for this look:

Base - Luminess air Cream eyeshadow in Bare Necessity
(Could also use a concealer)

Shimmering Cream Shadow - Double Up Eyehadow Duo Fawn/Shimmer
(I used the lighter shade all over the lid)

Eyeshadow Palette
Medium Brown (All over the lid) and Dark Brown (On outer edge)

NEW BRUSH E32/33 Double Ended Tapered Crease Blender/Smudger

Water Liner Maybelline Eye Studio Master Smokey

Lash Liner Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Waterproof Mascara Maybelline Volume Express One By One 

Eyelash Curler Japonesque Professional Eyelash Curler 

Zoeva Concealer Palette

Foundation L'Oreal True Match Foundation - W1

Lipstick Kardashian Beauty Joystick Lip Lacquer
Lipgloss Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss, Peach Petal

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Makeup Lesson

BLUSH! How to Pick & Wear

Blush is the final touch to any look, As a makeup artist when I work on clients I always leave the blush till last along with the lipstick

Skin tone:
Fair Cool - Light/sheer Pinks or Mauve 
Fair Warm - Light/sheer Coral or Peach
Medium Cool - Pinks or Mauve or Purples
Medium Warm - Coral or Orange
Dark Cool - Burnt Pink or Reds
Dark Warm - Light or Bright Mauve, Purples, Orange.

Nude Lipstick - Any Blush or Bronzer
Sheer Lipstick - Natural Blush 
Light Pink Lipstick - Pink Blush (Bourjois 54 Rose)
Hot Deep Pink - Bronzer  ( #1)
Orange Red - Orange Tone Bronzer or Natural Bronzer
True Red - Bronzer or Contour ( #2)
Coral Lipstick - Coral Blush (Coralista by Benefit)
Dark Berry Tone Lipstick - Bronzer
Purple Tone Lipstick - Bronzer or Slight purple tone blush

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