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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Eye Shapes

Finding Your Eye Shape


The average distance between a pair of eyes is the length of one eye.
Some times that distance is shorter – meaning the eyes are spaced closer together.
And other times that distance is wider – meaning the eyes are spaced further apart.

Average Eye Spacing – 
 The eyes are spaces one eye length apart.

Close Set Eyes –
The eyes are spaced closer than one eye length apart.  

Wide Set Eyes –
The eyes are spaced further than one eye length apart.

Average – The eye lid is visual from the inner corner to the outer edge in a smooth curved shape.
Celebrity – Kim Kardashian & Cheryl Cole

Prominent – The eyes can protrude or extend from the face and may cause a crease underneath.
Celebrity – Katy Perry & Mila Kunis

Deep Set – The eyes are set deep in the head the opposite of a prominent shape.
Celebrity – Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift (Taylor’s eyes are also close set) 

Hooded – The eyes are almost hidden by a heavy crease with creates a hood over the lid.
Celebrity – Miley Cyrus & Jessica Sanchez

Droopy – The eyes drop or droop slightly on the outer edge.
Celebrity – Ann Hathaway 

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