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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Treena

Today is my sister's Birthday!

I'm so lucky to have a sister, I thank my lucky stars I was given a sister to grow up with. When she was born she was so ill and could have died and I couldn't imagine what my life would have been without my little sister, She always been the cool smart one and even though I am older I do sometimes look up to her for support like I'm the little one 
(technically I am the little one as I'm shorter than her ha)

She's one of the coolest people I know with awesome taste in music and fashion.
(Here she is singing Black Horse and a Cherry Tree)

Not only can she sing modern music but she can sing opera, we force her to sing high long notes because its just so so funny how she can do it!


She also writes her own music even from the age of 9 she was writing and recording music, Mostly about how annoying her sister was! "She's my sister" written about me was a famous song in our house the chorus was - 

She's my sister and sometimes I hate her
and sometime is right now
but sometimes she's okay 
but that doesn't mean I like her anyway
Oh oh my sister!

It's actually extremely catchy when you hear it and we still sing it sometimes! 

Here is an original by her, it's actually the first video 
I ever edited way before youtube even existed. 

She has also been in a few of my video too, I love working on her because it's always really funny she's never stop talking and knows so much about fashion and makeup 

Here is one of my favourite looks I did on her!

Here's to you sister sue! I love you!!

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