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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Makeup tutoiral

New Makeup Tutorial

Two minute makeup look inspired by Lily Collins

Lily Collins makeup tutorial 
Makeup for beginners :

♥Foundation:  L'Oreal True Match Foundation N1
♥Foundation brush: F20
♥Concealer: MeMeMe Correct & Perfect concealer Nude 
♥Taupe Eyeshadow: MUA Undress Too Palette 
♥Liner: Tattoo Eyeliner in Trooper Kat Von D
♥Mascara: Rimmel new Flex mascara
♥Eyebrow Pencil: Anastatia Medium Brown  
♥Lipgloss: Apocalips Big Bang 

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Oh and my hair was done using this tutorial 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mini Rimmel Haul

Rimmel Haul & Swatches

In my recent youtube haul I showed some new products I picked up from Rimmel & as promised here are the swatches.

Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang                                                   Rimmel Apocalips Nova

When I saw Lily Collins on the cover of Glamour I was desperate to find a similar red and I think "Big Bang" is the perfect colour, With a subtle hint of pink this red is exactly what I was looking for.  

And as I am not one to pass on a bargain, I picked this second colour up as it was "buy one get one half price" This rose pink is the perfect summer colour!  

Moving on....

If you saw my nail tutorial you would have seen me apply these mint coloured fake nails and I love this colour, so when I was in boots I check out every brand to find this shade, Barry M and Max Factor have a pretty close dupe but I had to go with Rimmel and I think it worked out really well.  

I painted my middle finger with this Peppermint shade and though it is a little darker its a pretty good match, little tip use a lighter top coat if you want it to be a perfect match. 

and once again it was "buy one get one half price" so I picked up the new Flex mascara, both Rimmel and Maybelline have create this coat by coat smooth finish mascara. Apparently you can keep applying this mascara without drying out your lashes I have yet to try it out.

....anyone else think this looks like the rather famous Benefit mascara wand???

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fat Vs Curvy

In my recent video I talked about body image. I spoke about my own negative body image and the research I have done on the subject but one thing that I said has got some people pretty annoyed.

I don't like the word "fat" to describe someones weight. 

We all have fat on our bodies, we can't live without fat storage, so at what point do you decide that that fat is noteworthy. At what point does someone become so called "fat" I don't think its a healthy word to use to describe someone.

I have been called "Fat" and it sticks with you, doesn't matter how much weight I lose, I can still hear - "You're fat" 
Once you get told you're fat it's hard to find the right balance, its hard to see when you aren't fat any more or when you may have taken your obsession to not be fat too far. 

Fat is a dangerous word to use to describe someone, one persons idea of fat might be very different to another person that is why I do not use it. 

We should love ourselves regardless of size, weight or height. 
Be healthy, and be happy,

much love, Sineady x

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day!


My dad is one of those fathers that is your friend not just your dad, You can call him when you need something, he knows the answer to every question on University Challenge, he can juggle like a clown which always made us laugh as kids, He is a huge teddy bear and he's just awesome!

Here is my dad doing my makeup!

Happy Father's Day! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

June Photo A Day Challenge

On My Table

It's my last day at my parents house so my sister picked this up for me, it's my favourite! 
Banoffee pie, I have no idea why it is called a pie, It's not really pie like lol
It's a layer of biscuit crust, creamy toffee, banana and topped with cream! 

Gonna go and eat this now! 

See you all tomorrow, either on here, on twitter, instagram or facebook!

- Sineady x

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Photo A Day Challenge

A moment...

Life is made up of lots of little moments 
and a single moment with the ones we love are always the most wonderful. 

This is me and Sandy, I got her for my birthday when I was 10 years old.
Sandy died in December not long after my birthday last year. I still feel her here. At night I might feel a little weight on my leg, she would always lean against my legs at night to sleep, I would hear paws running across the kitchen floor and remember her, or hear a dog bark next door and imagine her reply. Though this is my mind playing tricks on me, I still enjoy those little moments I hold on to them because they are all I have. 

See you all tomorrow, either on here or on twitter or instagram or facebook!

Sinead x

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Photo A Day Challenge

June Photo A Day Challenge

I have always wanted to do a challenge but I never remember,
luckily Nina posted this on facebook this morning!
Thanks Nina! 

It was created by @FATMUMSLIM

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B is for...

I'm moving to Manchester on Tuesday!
Scared but excited to get back to living with my boyfriend, I've missed him!
I moved home to help my mom, I don't really want to discuss what she needed me for but I am finding it hard to leave, she is basically forcing me to live my own life and get out.
My mom does so much and I wish I could just stay and help more.

My biggest tip for moving: List everything that you put in each box on a piece of paper, either stick it to the side or to the inside lid so you always know what it in there.

See you all tomorrow, either on here or on twitter or instagram or facebook!

- Sineady x