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Monday, June 17, 2013

Fat Vs Curvy

In my recent video I talked about body image. I spoke about my own negative body image and the research I have done on the subject but one thing that I said has got some people pretty annoyed.

I don't like the word "fat" to describe someones weight. 

We all have fat on our bodies, we can't live without fat storage, so at what point do you decide that that fat is noteworthy. At what point does someone become so called "fat" I don't think its a healthy word to use to describe someone.

I have been called "Fat" and it sticks with you, doesn't matter how much weight I lose, I can still hear - "You're fat" 
Once you get told you're fat it's hard to find the right balance, its hard to see when you aren't fat any more or when you may have taken your obsession to not be fat too far. 

Fat is a dangerous word to use to describe someone, one persons idea of fat might be very different to another person that is why I do not use it. 

We should love ourselves regardless of size, weight or height. 
Be healthy, and be happy,

much love, Sineady x

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