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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Top Twist

I started this with dry hair. I don't see why you couldn't do it with wet hair.

Section off a square on the top of the head. I used her natural part as my guide. I then pulled out the spray bottle and sprayed the section till it was fully saturated. I put gel in it as well.

Then I twisted. My twist went towards the back of her head. Twist it down until you have three or so inches on the bottom. Make sure you twist it TIGHT!

Then, fold the twist in the middle. If you have done it right, it should start twisting on itself.

I didn't want a full on curly worm thing, so I guided it so it just made a simple rope twist.
I have a bunch of these barrettes that I don't use very often on my bigger girls because their hair is too thick for them. You may have them as well. Just the simple snap barrettes. I used one of those to attach the bottom of the twist to the top of her hair.

I then took my handy dandy flat-iron and puffed out the ends.

Voila! A "Tween" twist.

Braided Piggies

Zig-zag the part from the top all the way to the bottom. Do puffy braids, starting at the bottom & making your way up by clipping the top hair out of the way.

I did three rows of puff braid & then put into pigtails.
Do 4-5 braids on each pigtail.

Loop each braid up & then put one elastic around it to hold the loops in place.
Curl the ends of the hair over the piggies & spray.

Back view
Add some cute bows & there you have it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cute wedding updo with ringlets and veil.

Knots & Twists

Part the hair down the middle & do tuck-under knots.
Grab the 2 pieces from the tuck under knots & tie them like you are going to tie a bow.
This is what it should look like. Pull the knot all the way down to the base of the head.
Put into pig tails including the ends of the knot.
Do the exact same knot that you did up above & pin it with bobby pins underneath to hold the knot. You can see the pins in the picture.

I scrunched the ends of her hair because she has natural curly hair. But if your girly doesn't, then curl the ends to do little ringlets. Add cute bows to the pig tails to finish it off.

Butterfly Hair

A new family is moving across the street from us. They came to our ward (congregation) on Sunday and her daughters had their hair done like this. They called it butterfly hair, because it looks like butterfly wings.

Divide the hair into four ponytails.
Braid each ponytail down to the end.
Secure with an elastic but before you let go, take the elastic and pull it up over the original ponytail.
Repeat with each braid.
Top off each ponytail with a pre-made ribbon.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Puffy Braid Wrap Around

Part the hair on the natural side. In this case, I parted it on her normal left side part, but kept the part going all the way down the head.
Make your first little pony tail. Pull a small piece from it & wrap it twice around the pony tail, securing it with another elastic.

You can see the elastic, so pull some of the hair over it to cover it.
Go on to do your next pony & wrap it the same way you did the previous one.
When you get to the last one, don't pull the hair through so you have a tail hanging out.
Wrap the tail all the way around until you have no more hair (not like the previous ones where you only wrap twice & add the piece back to the pony). Spray it along the way so it will be more secure. Once wrapped all the way around, secure with an elastic.
Do the same thing to the other part, trying to match it best as you can.
Front view

This is such a good swimming due, it stays all day & it still looks normal when she gets out of the water.

A classic half-up, half down style worn by Tracey Edmunds.
Courtesy of

Sleek hairstyle for medium length hair.

A natural updo

A wedding-worthy natural style from the singer Goapele.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Criss-Cross Head Band

If I wasn't lazy & in a hurry today, I would have kept her hair straight. But it went up today - which still turned out cute.
Start by parting the hair on the natural side. Then part the hair from the part, down toward the ear. Now, part the hair into squares on each side & add two elastics on each side of the part.
Part the next row of elastics & the exact same way. Make sure you put your elastics right behind the one in front of it. Criss cross only each side of the part (not across the side part. Make sense? Look at the first picture if not).
Pull it all together into a pony tail. I didn't pull the pony all the way through.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Real Bride: Carla

Courtesy of Real Bride, Carla

The singer Rihanna is making waves in the style world. But we think this would be a lovely hairstyle for an African-American bride who wants to wear short hair on her wedding day!

Happy 24th!!

First off, love the closed eyes. We wanted to be festive for the 24th with her cute head band, but I also wanted her hair up & out of her face because of how hot it has been.
Part the hair on the natural side. French braid each side, just half way.
Criss-cross the braids and put them into pigtails.
Do your messy buns. For these - I looped her hair & pinned it & with the last piece, I wrapped it around the middle & pinned it.
That's all there is to it.