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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Top Twist

I started this with dry hair. I don't see why you couldn't do it with wet hair.

Section off a square on the top of the head. I used her natural part as my guide. I then pulled out the spray bottle and sprayed the section till it was fully saturated. I put gel in it as well.

Then I twisted. My twist went towards the back of her head. Twist it down until you have three or so inches on the bottom. Make sure you twist it TIGHT!

Then, fold the twist in the middle. If you have done it right, it should start twisting on itself.

I didn't want a full on curly worm thing, so I guided it so it just made a simple rope twist.
I have a bunch of these barrettes that I don't use very often on my bigger girls because their hair is too thick for them. You may have them as well. Just the simple snap barrettes. I used one of those to attach the bottom of the twist to the top of her hair.

I then took my handy dandy flat-iron and puffed out the ends.

Voila! A "Tween" twist.

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