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Monday, July 7, 2008

Braided Criss-Crossies

First, part the hair down the middle & make 2 half pony-tails. After you have put the rubberbands in, then braid it down.
Keep parting the hair down the middle. Make your next set of ponies, but criss-cross your braids into them. Take out the rubberband that was holding the braid.
Rebraid those ponies.
Part down the middle one last time & make your last set of ponies, remember to criss-cross the braids & add them to your last ponies.
I braided the end pieces & tied them up. Spray the ends so they looked curled over.
If you scroll down further, you can see a picture where I did this but you make your way up, instead of down. Cute both ways.

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