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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Puffy Braid Wrap Around

Part the hair on the natural side. In this case, I parted it on her normal left side part, but kept the part going all the way down the head.
Make your first little pony tail. Pull a small piece from it & wrap it twice around the pony tail, securing it with another elastic.

You can see the elastic, so pull some of the hair over it to cover it.
Go on to do your next pony & wrap it the same way you did the previous one.
When you get to the last one, don't pull the hair through so you have a tail hanging out.
Wrap the tail all the way around until you have no more hair (not like the previous ones where you only wrap twice & add the piece back to the pony). Spray it along the way so it will be more secure. Once wrapped all the way around, secure with an elastic.
Do the same thing to the other part, trying to match it best as you can.
Front view

This is such a good swimming due, it stays all day & it still looks normal when she gets out of the water.

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