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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Top Knots

Okay, so she kinda looks like a geisha. LOL. Oh well - we'll bring an asian theme to our do today.

Section the hair into 3 different sections. The left side, middle & right side. I like to clip the left & right sides out of the way, so I am only working on one section at a time. I start with the middle section & part near the bottom & clip the rest up. Put that part into an elastic.
Make your way up, doing the puff braid & put your next elastic in. I had a picture for this but accidentally deleted it, but you will see in the next picture.

So, do your third elastic & this is what it looks like. Leave the top & do the same things to the side, with the parts all matching.

Wrap the hair on top into little buns & holding with an elastic. I added the same ric-rac that I used last week

front view
back view

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