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Monday, July 21, 2008

Braided Wrap Around Piggies

Every year, my husband's family has a tradition to do a "tea party" with all the aunts, moms, daughter, granddaughters. They do a theme & this year it was cowgirls - to celebrate grandpa who was a rancher out on the Arizona strip.

You can't go to the cowgirl tea party unless you are dressed in your best apparel. Adde & her cousins got cute little red cowboy hats to wear too - so I thought it would be cute to have little curly piggies hanging out - but I can't just do pig tails. Here's what I came up with:

Put the hair into pigtails (or a pony tail) & braid a piece from UNDERneath the pigtail.

Wrap the braid around the pig tail (I wrapped it twice & made sure the last wrap was under the pigtail - but you could just wrap it once if your braid was wide enough). Tie it off with a clear elastic. You can see the elastic here in this picture, so just pull the braid gently over the elastic so it's not showing. Unbraid up to the elastic or what is left so it is now part of the pig tail. Do it to both sides.
I curled her pigtails & topped it off with a red cowgirl hat & it turned out darling!!

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