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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday - still doing quick do

Right as I was about to defuse her hair, my blow dryer died. Doesn't that always happen? The curls would stay better if I defused it. This is super quick because you don't have to braid all the way down & then I just put some gel in her hair & scrunched it.

First, part the hair to be in a rectangle, as far down as you want to go. I hold the bottom with a clippie so I don't add that into the top at all.
Braid away. I actually did the opposite french braid, so the braid is on top, but you can do a normal french braid. If you do want it like i have Adde's, just braid under instead of over. It's just as simple. Then scrunch hair with gel & defuse (if your blow dryer works) or blow dry straight.

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