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Monday, June 30, 2008


I had a cute mom that works with my husband email me & tell me that as a working mom, she needs something quick. She's tried a couple on here & they took TOO long. I know some of these that I have posted aren't the quickest, so everyday this week, I'm going to try & be creative & think of something that is QUICK but still really CUTE, rather than your ordinary pony tail or pigtails. I timed this hair do today & it took just under 8 minutes (& that was with taking pictures too). So when I mean quick - I'm going to try to do it within 5-10 minutes. So here's today:

A lot of moms have asked how I get Adde to stay still while doing her hair. I do her hair on my bed & she watches tv while I do her it. Or if you prefer the mirror, give her toys & books to play with or even snacks while you do her hair.
Do hair while is damp. Pull hair into a pony tail. I DID NOT part the hair at all, I pulled it all straight back. Grab a piece from the pony tail.
Loop that piece around & pin it. Do this all the way around the pony.
This is what it looks like once you have gone all the way around. See that extra piece hanging out from pinning your pieces? Just tuck that under the bun & pin it.
Spread each piece just so it looks more like one bun, instead of being able to see each piece pinned. Spray to hold. Add a cute head band or flower clip on the side of bun.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

How about a Trash Tie giveaway! It's over!

When I first started blogging almost three years ago, I ran across an amazing designer named Heather Bailey. I have lurked on her blog for ages. I downloaded her free pattern for headbands (although being lazy, I have yet to make them). I look to her for design trends and decorating ideas. In essence, I have been stalking her.

Then one day she cam out with these amazing little products called Trash Ties.
What a novel idea! It is a patented wire encased in satin. And they work so well. My kids love it when I use them because there is no cutting elastics out of their hair, they don't pull their hair, and who doesn't love saying "Trash-a-Ties"...the name my girls have so lovingly bestowed upon them.

I have taken some time to get to know my Trash Ties before I gushed about them on here. I am twisting them in and out of my daughters hair like a pro. Anytime I go to do a twisty style, they beg for them rather than my original way of doing things. If that isn't a testament to them, I don't know what is.

And these only get better with time. We have used them so much that the ends are starting to look like little puffs. SO CUTE!

So, in honor of my VERY FAVORITE NEW HAIR STUFF, I am having a little giveaway. One lucky reader and stylist will receive a 25" trash tie in gold. All you have to do is leave a little comment for me and you have to go and check out Heather's Trash Tie site to see the incredible things you can do with these.

Remember, you may only enter once and on Wednesday, July 2nd at 5:00, the contest will be over and the winner will be announced on Independence Day.

ETA: IF you already have Trash Ties, or to see MORE options...Visit THIS link.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Four Messy Piggies All In A Row

Divide the hair in the middle of the head

Part the hair right where the temple starts.

Pull the hair up into a little ponytail being careful to only pull the hair half way through the last time you pull it out.

Repeat until you have four messy ponies (I know I put piggies on the title, it flows much better than ponies)

Curl the ends of the hair.

Fluff hair and spray it.

Add pre-made bows or ribbons for a finishing touch.

Courtesy of Emerald Bridal

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Flower clips

On my trip to Tai Pan yesterday, I didn't come out with what I went in for, but I did come out with darling flowers for clippies!! You can also buy some at Roberts or Michaels. These are SO easy & darling. If you have a baby girl, you could even just clip these on to the headbands. I always make 2 of everything, just so I have the option. You also will need: hair clips from Roberts, hot glue gun & a pencil. (if you want to add any other embellishments also. I used glitter, eyelets & ribbon)

Take the flower COMPLETELY apart, so it will lay more flat on the clip. hot glue each section back together so it will stay together. Clip the clippie onto a pencil. Hot glue the flower onto the clip & let it dry...and voila...beautiful flower clips!!

I sprayed the red & white flowers with gold glitter.

The middle of these flowers made them look too fake. I took it out when I took the flower apart & just hot glued the eyelets in it's place instead.
I had some pink paper flowers from my scrapbooking pile. I decided to just add them with the ric rac ribbon. Adde has lots of pink & green clothes so I thought it would be cute together.

Cute Short Bob

I watched my neice today & she jumped in the bath with my kids. But I was excited because that meant I got to do another little girl's hair:)
First, I parted her hair on an angle, instead of straight, just to add a little more to a bob. Then I round brushed her hair in 3 different sections: the bottom, middle & top. I used my biggest roundbrush, which I think is the biggest size you can buy. I blow dryed the base as much as I could, to give it more volume. But don't round the sides as much as you would the back. Add a cute little clip to keep her bangs back & there you go!!