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Monday, June 23, 2008

Look what you have been up too!

Ladies! Wow! You have been SO busy! I use a lot of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just have to say that I am super impressed at your skills. You all have some of the prettiest little girls out there and their hair is stunning to boot! I LOVE seeing these. And I have to just add that I am so flattered by all of the kind words that you have been sending me. Speaking of kind words, if you see me at the grocery store or Target...come say hi!!! I would love to chat!

Michelle sent these in of her daughters. The top picture is a DUAL lattice ponytail. She has some patience...and her daughter does as well. I will show you how to do those twists in another post. SO cute.

Marisa sent some adaptations of some of the styles here. I am LOVING the messy ponytails with the two braids. LOVE IT!!!

Kory sent me some shots of her daughters

Linnea has puffy braids crossing her head at a diagonal.

Mikayla has two French braids tucked up and under and tied them with a ribbon at the bottom and two flowers on the sides.

Lisa sent me these of her camera shy ;) daughter. It is the puffy braids with a zig-zag part.

Andrea sent me some adorable shots of her step-daughter Austin

My old locker partner from high school (how cool is that?!!?!), Gena, sent me this off-shoot of the upside down puffy braids/lattice ponytails

And she also sent me this super cute style that she found over on "Girly Do's"

Kimberly has two pretty princesses. Madison with the messy buns...

...and her daughter Sydney with the lattice ponytails

Karen has a darling variation of the smocking style. She makes it with "Knots". Isn't her Kate beautiful?!?!?!

Anna sent me this one of her little sister where she changed the ponytail part to messy buns! How darling!

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! For all of your support. I am so excited to see all of these! Keep them coming ladies! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

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