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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have had Easter on my mind lately seeing that Easter is just around the corner. & I thought I would share what I was thinking would be some pretty hairdos. When I think of Easter sunday I think of beautiful Easter dresses with pretty hair in soft curls, flowers & headbands. I'm going off of what I posted last time because I had so many comments on it - I thought we could do another variation of the same style.

Part your headband just about 1/2 to 3/4 of the head & pull the rest into a pony tail. Split the pony in half & hold the bottom with a clip. That is what is going to be curled, the top is what is going into the braid.
Start braiding your headband just like the post below, bringing side pieces from the pony & the headband pulled out. I tried to keep the braid right over the part to keep an even line for me.
I braided the hair down & added that to the pony, undoing the elastic & braid so it's now part of the pony tail.
Curl your pony tail & spray to hold the curls.
Pin the curls around the head & leaving some down so that they're not all up. I added some small silk flowers that she got from when we went to Disneyland & they put roses in her hair.
& that's all there is to it!! Now we have a different variation of the braided pony but it looks more like a updo.

Modern Bridal Style: Inverted Bob

Inverted bob w/tracks

Monday, March 23, 2009

around the head headband

This was a fun one for us to do. It's a little bit different, but it was nice because her hair stay out of her face all day & it looks like a sweet little braided band.
Start by parting a circle around the head, leaving out a headband under the circle.
This is kind of hard to tell in the picture, but you start french braiding from the bottom-middle. Grab your three strands to start with from the hair that is out of the pony. Then as you braid, you bring small pieces from the pony tail from the one side & small pieces from the hair left out from the other side. You can either do inside out french braid or a regular french braid. I actually started with a regular french braid & didn't get very far, I felt it was hard to position my hands, so I stopped very quickly & redid with the inside-out french braid & it was very fast & much easier for my hands to hold the hair. But whatever works best for you - try it!
One you've gone all the way around the head, finish braiding to the end of the hair.
I bobby pinned that little tail so you didn't see the end or the beginning & plus - doesn't that just look like a mullet hanging out:) So definitely pin the end of the braid up so it's not visible.
I added a bow where I had pinned it so you didn't see any of that at all.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

an option for ribbon in the hair

I used a bobby pin because I was in a rush. But if I would have taken the time - I would have grabbed a safety pin & pinned it to the ribbon - which I recommend. If you are going to use a bobby pin like I have in this picture, just slide the ribbon thru & make sure that it's thru enough to not come out.
I pulled her hair up & curled it & then pinned it up, which is not very convenient for putting a bow into it. But I love the look of a bow, it always finishes her hair off. So I thought this would be a cute way of adding your bow: Start weaving with the bobby pin or safety pin.
Make your way all around the pony or what hair you have pulled up.

I started at the bottom so it finished at the bottom & met together. I tied the hair in a bow where you could see it hanging out of her hair. Try it next time you are having a hard time placing a bow in a pinned up do.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Twist Downs

This was super easy!! It's like doing a french braid but twisting instead. You just twist your piece while adding the pieces from the sides to make your way down.
Start at the top with on section, start twisting.

Start adding pieces from the sides to match along the same way of the twist.

Okay - for some reason - this is sideways even though I flipped it. But I don't have time to mess around with it right now so next time I'll make sure it's the right way:) Do both sides & when you get to the end of one, I added an elastic & then pinned it so the twist wouldn't let loose. Do the other side the same & bring them together with an elastic of course taking out the pins from holding it previously.

Again, another flopped picture, but you get the idea. Add a bow to the end & spray to hold & you are finished!!

Updo with Floral Comb

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Golden Globes Hair---Nancy O'Dell

This is the look we are going, to be fair, this is a delicate hairstyle. It works FANTASTIC on my oldest, who is a little Playful is a good word for it.

We modified it a bit for my little girl who can't stop on putting dress-up or hiding under rugs in IKEA. This is pre-crimping. Don't cringe when I say crimping. This is not that horrid triangle iron you had in 1987, this is a great 3-barrel curling iron. Don't shoot me when I say this, but DO NOT buy the cheap knock-offs of a 3-barrel curling iron found at big box stores!!!! I KNOW THIS FROM EXPERIENCE! Just don't, K! The more expensive ones have a center that lifts up, where as the cheapy's do not, and that my friend MAKES ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!!!

Yeah, I was a skeptic too, until one of our ultra-cool babysitters corrected the error of my ways. The cheapy was given to Goodwill where someone else will have to learn from my experience.

Remember THIS twist? You'd better, because that is the only way you will be able to do this very exact hairstyle! (As a side note, the model in that tut is a year older and looks it! Happy Birthday Lana!)

Spray the hair with hairspray (a very important step) and just use the curling iron as instructed in the manual. It takes time to get used to it, I still struggle.

As you can see in this picture, I pulled out some of the hair above where the two twists meet. You don't have to do this, it looks darling without it. I was just going for Nancy O'Dell. On a four-year old. A child who is 100% static by the end of the day.

And there you go!

Gorgeous Half Up Half Down

Courtesy of Jaxon Photography.