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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have had Easter on my mind lately seeing that Easter is just around the corner. & I thought I would share what I was thinking would be some pretty hairdos. When I think of Easter sunday I think of beautiful Easter dresses with pretty hair in soft curls, flowers & headbands. I'm going off of what I posted last time because I had so many comments on it - I thought we could do another variation of the same style.

Part your headband just about 1/2 to 3/4 of the head & pull the rest into a pony tail. Split the pony in half & hold the bottom with a clip. That is what is going to be curled, the top is what is going into the braid.
Start braiding your headband just like the post below, bringing side pieces from the pony & the headband pulled out. I tried to keep the braid right over the part to keep an even line for me.
I braided the hair down & added that to the pony, undoing the elastic & braid so it's now part of the pony tail.
Curl your pony tail & spray to hold the curls.
Pin the curls around the head & leaving some down so that they're not all up. I added some small silk flowers that she got from when we went to Disneyland & they put roses in her hair.
& that's all there is to it!! Now we have a different variation of the braided pony but it looks more like a updo.

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