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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

an option for ribbon in the hair

I used a bobby pin because I was in a rush. But if I would have taken the time - I would have grabbed a safety pin & pinned it to the ribbon - which I recommend. If you are going to use a bobby pin like I have in this picture, just slide the ribbon thru & make sure that it's thru enough to not come out.
I pulled her hair up & curled it & then pinned it up, which is not very convenient for putting a bow into it. But I love the look of a bow, it always finishes her hair off. So I thought this would be a cute way of adding your bow: Start weaving with the bobby pin or safety pin.
Make your way all around the pony or what hair you have pulled up.

I started at the bottom so it finished at the bottom & met together. I tied the hair in a bow where you could see it hanging out of her hair. Try it next time you are having a hard time placing a bow in a pinned up do.

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