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Monday, March 23, 2009

around the head headband

This was a fun one for us to do. It's a little bit different, but it was nice because her hair stay out of her face all day & it looks like a sweet little braided band.
Start by parting a circle around the head, leaving out a headband under the circle.
This is kind of hard to tell in the picture, but you start french braiding from the bottom-middle. Grab your three strands to start with from the hair that is out of the pony. Then as you braid, you bring small pieces from the pony tail from the one side & small pieces from the hair left out from the other side. You can either do inside out french braid or a regular french braid. I actually started with a regular french braid & didn't get very far, I felt it was hard to position my hands, so I stopped very quickly & redid with the inside-out french braid & it was very fast & much easier for my hands to hold the hair. But whatever works best for you - try it!
One you've gone all the way around the head, finish braiding to the end of the hair.
I bobby pinned that little tail so you didn't see the end or the beginning & plus - doesn't that just look like a mullet hanging out:) So definitely pin the end of the braid up so it's not visible.
I added a bow where I had pinned it so you didn't see any of that at all.

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