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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Straw Set for the Natural Bride

Thought you gals might want to know about a sale at free shipping with any order over $10 starting today til Monday. So go check it out & get the code for it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This braid is super easy to do. I did not make it up - I learned it by accident but I've seen it on a little girl before. I like to call it the scrunchie braid. Do a loose braid, to the ends of the hair. Then put 2 of the strands of the hair on one side & hold the third piece in the other hand (sorry kind of hard to do with camera)
With the two pieces that you have over, start scrunching them up while holding the third piece steady (this is what the braid scrunches up around)
Go to the base of the head & add your elastic to hold it in. It looks like way harder than what it really is. ANYONE can do this!!

I braided 2 regular braids on the side & crossed them over into pigtails.
I then did a bunch of the "scrunchie" briads in the pig tails.
Curl each end of the braid & add 2 ribbons to each pigtail.

Pretty simple. Hope my instructions on the braid were clear enough, if not, let me know.

Friday, May 8, 2009

giveaways, giveaways

There's been alot of fun giveaways lately & I have to post about it so that you can all join in on the fun. is doing a really fun giveaway. It's more for us moms instead of your hair accesories. It's those darling watches with the cute beads for the bands PLUS a $10 gift card to Target (or her blog, if you prefer). Click on the website & it will take you over to the site so you can put your name down & see how you can win! But let them know I sent you so I can get in on the contest too:)

time for another FANCY NANCY party

We've had fun going to all the Fancy Nancy birthday parties - but I've had more fun thinking of a fancy do to go along with it.
I know. I know. She's naked but I tried to crop it & it won't upload what I cropped - even though it shows it's cropped in my folder. I tried not to get too much of her. We didn't want to get her dress on yet - so here's a bad mom moment.

I parted the hair on the side. Then I parted 3 slanted parts going from the side part to the ear & twist. I added an elastic to hold the twist (because once I got away from the base of the head - I turned it into a corkscrew twist) & then bobby pinned it in place while finishing my twists. Do 3 twists on each side.
Bring all the hair into a pony tail. I kind of pulled one twist from each side at a time so that I could make sure the twist was still twisted tight & good.
Now that we have our pony, I did a corkscrew twist just all over randomly in the pony.
Now, curl all the straight pieces that aren't in the twists.
Pin all the curls & all the twists to give a fun updo.
We added our must have spray glitter because she feels like she has to wear it anytime we do a fancy do or are going to a party. It does add a lot though.
front view:
We finished it off with a cute little tiara.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another spring sale over at Check it out. I've always loved all of her stuff!!