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Saturday, May 19, 2007


I have amassed many, many articles for doing hair. An addiction if you will. A brilliant friend devised this clever way to store her hair articles. I just modified it for my own needs. I purchase an over-the-door shoe holder from Wally's (the cheap one, it is the only one that is see through) and then I separated my accessories by color. I then used two baggies, one for the clips and one for the ribbons. Depending on what I am doing with their hair that day, I just pull out the proper baggies and it makes putting them away easier as well.

Elastics posed another problem. I hated rummaging through a huge tote of elastics. So one night when I had nothing better to do, I sorted elastics. Now I buy them pre-sorted, but putting them into a sectioned tackle box did the trick.

High ponytails for the hair impaired

My baby has short hair and I keep it short until all of her layers grow together (I have issues with scraggly baby hair). I wanted to have two ponytails on the top of her head one day so this is what I came up with. Make sure her hair is VERY wet and use lots and lots of hairspray. But the result is so fun.

French braid across the front

I make my daughter lie on her side for this one. I part the hair and pull the bottom half into a ponytail to keep it out of the way. I start above one ear and go across the front of her head. This one takes a little patience. I do an under French braid because of all of her baby hairs in the front, but it looks really cute with a regular French braid.

Twist to a ribbon

I don't know how to explain twists. I am not very good at them myself. So just look and see if you can figure them out.

Cascading knots

Divide the hair in half. Pull into two ponytails and knot them. Then add that ponytail to the next section and knot again. Do the same thing one more time.

Dual French Braids to Crown

I think this one is so feminine. Part the hair into two and French braid to the crown. Secure with elastics and add a pretty ribbon. I love curling the ends with this one.


This is the cutest using bright-colored elastics. Divide hair into ponytails at the front of the head. Separate the ponytails into two. Divide hair again. Slowly go down in number. I like to stop their hair at one or three ponytails. It is all personal preferance.

Soft and Sweet

For Easter I like their hair soft. Reminds me of fluffy chicks. So for this one I pulled her hair up into a ponytail from her ear opposite her part to her part. I put it in a ponytail in the center of the two points. I curled her hair with the flat-iron and fluffed the curl.

Ribbon Braids

Pull the hair 1/2 way up into two ponytails. At the base, tie a double long length of ribbon. Braid to the ends using the ribbon as one of your three sections. Secure at the ends with elastics. Tie the ribbons up and add more as you desire. Curl the ends and you have a beautiful princess.

Messy buns

I love a slanted part. Part the hair from the side where their hair parts naturally and part it to the center of the crown. Pull into two ponytails. Twist until the ends just poke out. Secure with bobby pins. I love putting ribbons at the base. Spike out the ends.

Dance Hair

I LOVE curls on my kids. LOVE them. Unfortunately we were blessed with stick-straight hair. Our perfect solution is a flat-iron and a small barrelled curling iron. I pulled her hair 1/2 way up and sprayed the heck out of her hair until it was rather stiff. I combed it out and then went to work. Alternating sections, I curled her hair with the curling iron and the flat iron. To curl with a flat iron, you clamp the hair at the base with the iron and wrap the hair around it like you are going to curl ribbon on a gift. Slowly pull all of the hair through the iron and you end up with beautiful curls that hold better than they do if you use a curling iron. Top with a fluffy ribbon and you have hair worthy of a dance recital.


Some call these topsy-turvy ponytails, we call them knots. Whatever you call them, they are great for vacations and swimming because they keep hair out of sweaty faces. Pull the hair into a ponytail. Use a rat-tail comb to divide under the ponytail in half. Take the elastic and pull it through the part you made. Clear as mud? Good.

Lots of ponytailsl with cute clippies

I think this one is cuter on thicker hair, but I tried it on my little girl when hers was thinner. I have done it many times since then, but this is the only picture I have.

Ponytails with zig-zag part

Using a rat-tail comb, part the hair in a zig-zag down the center. Pull into two ponytails. Add ribbons for a cute finishing touch.

Double twisted bun

Pull the hair into a low ponytail. Section into two pieces. Twist one piece and secure with bobby pins. Twist the second section and wrap the opposite way. Leave the ends out for flipping.

Two braid buns inter-twined with ribbon

Make two ponytails at the crown. Tie a long length of ribbon and section the ponys into two. Using the ribbon as the third piece, braid. Fasten at the ends with an elastic. Wrap the braid into buns securing with bobby pins. Tie a ribbon at the base.

Two-braids pulled together at the crown

Two ponytails tied in knots

This one was much cuter before she came home from school. I took the ponytails and twisted them and tied them in knots at the base. I secured the knots with bobby pins.

Lattice Ponytails