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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dance Hair

I LOVE curls on my kids. LOVE them. Unfortunately we were blessed with stick-straight hair. Our perfect solution is a flat-iron and a small barrelled curling iron. I pulled her hair 1/2 way up and sprayed the heck out of her hair until it was rather stiff. I combed it out and then went to work. Alternating sections, I curled her hair with the curling iron and the flat iron. To curl with a flat iron, you clamp the hair at the base with the iron and wrap the hair around it like you are going to curl ribbon on a gift. Slowly pull all of the hair through the iron and you end up with beautiful curls that hold better than they do if you use a curling iron. Top with a fluffy ribbon and you have hair worthy of a dance recital.

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