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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Here's a pic I snapped last year while Keyanna and I were on vacation with some friends of ours. We were camping and Key decided to use one of the plastic forks and pick out her friends lil fro. His mom and I thought it was too funny, I guess she wants to do hair like mommy when she grows up :)

Unisex Friseure Salon 5

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sidewinder Hair Holders Review + Giveaway!! **Winners Posted**

Price: 4.99/set 
Set Includes: One 3", Two 2", Two 1"

I have been seeing Sidewinder Hair Holders everywhere lately, and have been wanting to get my hands on some for a while now.. so I of course jumped at the opportunity to do a review for you all! 

4 Strand 3D Braids With Sidewinders 
(We learned how to do these from Goldilocks*N*Me!)

Sidewinders Hair Holders are a fun alternative to beads, they definitely spice up even the simplest style and give it a unique look, I love it! When we first received ours in the mail I couldn’t wait to try them.. putting them on was a piece of cake! You can see how its done here. For Keyanna’s hair (which is on the thin side) we did have to use a band, or a bead at the end of the Hair Holder on some styles to secure it and keep it from slipping off. If your hair is thicker or you are using larger sections of hair then I wouldn’t see a need to do that at all. 

The Hair Holders come in 3 different sizes (1”, 2”, and 3”) and 26 colors, each 1 is 2 pieces so they are interchangeable with each other. I love the fact that there are so many colors/combinations to match any outfit, and unlike beads they are honestly so quick and easy to put in you could switch out the colors daily if you like. I definitely plan on getting a few more sets for our collection in the near future.

Here are some more styles we came up with using our Sidewinder Hair Holders 

2 Strand Twists With Sidewinders

 Simple Braided Ponytail With Sidewinders

Twisted Braid Ponys With Sidewinders
(This is a AllThingsCuteAndGirly inspired style!)

Braided Faux Hawk With Sidewinders 

For more style inspirations using Sidewinder Hair Holders you can check out their gallery HERE 
Or purchase your own set HERE 

Susie From has generously offered  three of our followers each their own set of sidewinders! 
There are lots of ways to enter.. do some, or all of them for extra entries

Please send me your color choice along with your shipping info to

Unisex Friseure Salon 3

Monday, September 26, 2011

Time To Get Rid!

So I am asked a lot "How do I know a product has gone bad??" 

Well here are just a few tips and examples of when its time to let go....

1. Mascara. I can't stress enough how important it is to not keep your mascara longer then 6 months as it can gather a lot of bacteria and can irritate your eyes. For this reason don't waste your money on high end mascara go for cheaper drug store brand.

Top tip: Give the mascara a good sniff, if it smell like funky fish then it's best to let go.
Clean you mascara wands often to get the most out of your mascara.

2. Lipstick/Glosses/liners. Lip products need to be use in about a year, only if they are used and open.

Top tip: Check your make-up stash before opening new products to make sure you don't have some thing similar that needs to be used.

3. Foundations. Powder foundations (powders in general) can last for about two years where are liquid foundation last any where between one to two years. However if you haven't really been using and its been over a year you may consider throwing it away.

4. Eye-shadows. Cream shadows will last about a year or so.  Powder shadows last for about 2 years.

Top tip: If you have found a cream that you love or you spent a lot on, try sampling it in a pot and keeping the original container tightly closed to prevent it from going off or gathering bacteria.

Give your make-up a fighting chance

Keep it out of direct sunlight.

Keep it in a cool dry dark place, meaning out of bathrooms that steam up.

Always keep the lid tightly closed.

Clean your make-up brushes regularly.

Try not to use finger tips to scoop out products, use a clean plastic spatula.