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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Product Description: Sharmooz Satin Bonnets will sooth your hair's transition from night to morning.  Wake-up feeling confident your hair is protected with the sensually soft Charmeuse satin. Our contemporary style, Satin Bonnets are perfect for natural,  straight,  synthetic (hair extensions) and "curly" hairstyles. Hairstyles will maintain curls, moisture and style with 4 unique choices.

NEW "stay-on" Satin Bonnet For GIRLS
  • Double sided charmeuse satin for durability
  • Fits from ages 3-10
  • Adjustable velcro enclosure
  • Attractive "CUTE" puff accessory
  • Protect hair styles while they sleep

Our Review: When I first started doing Keyanna’s hair (at age 3) my boyfriend at the time suggested I wrap her hair with a T-shirt at night to keep the frizz down, he even showed me how and it worked great! Similar to the way she does it in this video. Since then I have tried many sleep caps, satin wraps, etc.. and NOTHING stays on her head all night. 

Well, a few weeks ago I received one of the Sharmooz sleep caps to review. The sleep caps are “one size fits most” and our first night using it I realized just how tiny my baby’s head really is. Lol. I had to tighten it all the way to fit. I was very surprised the next morning when I discovered it had stayed on all night. BUT, what really blew me way about this sleep cap is that I was able to put it on her head while she had her curlformers in, I haven’t been able to do this with any of the other caps I’ve tried. 

We have been using this to sleep in since we put in her mini braids and it had been working great….. until a few days ago. This cap is adjustable in size by Velcro, and when Keyanna woke up one morning she pulled it off of her head herself and a few of her braids got stuck in the Velcro. I ended up having to take down about 3 or 4 braids to get them out and it definitely caused a little breakage.

So its back to the T-shirt wrap for now. But I love how soft the satin is and it doesn’t seem to suck the moisture from her hair like the T-shirt tends to do so I will be trying to figure out a way to make this cap work.

Side Note: I LOVED the zebra design, there are also 9 other colors/designs you can choose from. Our bonnet also came with the puff accessory mentioned in the description and Key chooses to wear in in her hair rather than on the bonnet.

Disclosure: These product(s) were provided to me at no cost for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own.

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