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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So for this style I had originally planned to do her whole head in flat twists going into a mohawk, but after starting I realized it was a lot harder to add beads into the flat twists and keep them looking "neat" than I had imagined. So we settled for 3 flat twists on each side going into a high pony, and then 2 more ponies in the back. I did rope twists with all of the loose hair and ended them with more beads. Even though it's not what I had originally pictured doing I thought it came out pretty cute :) 

To add the beads into the flat twists I first parted out the hair I was going to use, I then took a little bit of hair from the beginning of that section and added a few beads with my beader, I then continued on doing the flat twist adding the hair back in as I went. 

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