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Monday, June 23, 2008

Remember Fish Braids?

Do you remember fish braids? I used to love them. But they really do take forever to do, with all the small pieces you add to it. So I did it this way - so it is much quicker.
Start by making your pigtails. Then divide one side of the pigtail in half.

From the right side of the half, grab a small piece. Grab it from the very back of that half. This is where you will always grab your pieces from. You'll see as you go, that if you do not, then you'll have a big chunk you'll need to bring forward & you want small pieces.

Take that small piece and take it over to the left side.
Now, grab a small piece from the left side (same way - back, top)

& take it over to the right side. Do this all the way down. You are fish braiding!!
Stop wherever you would like to and put a rubberband to hold it.
Go down aways & add another rubberband, so there is no braid in this area. Then start the fish braid over again.
Go all the way down until you reach the ends of the hair. Do both sides the same.

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