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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

KnoTs & WhaT KnoT

Knots, knots & more knots.
Part the hair a little more off to the side than you normally would, because there is only one line, it looks better. Gel damp hair. It's easier to knot the hair if you start by twisting the piece you are going to knot.
Wrap the hair to tie it into a knot.
Pull the knot tight & twist the next knot, adding the previous knot into it. Tie your second knot.
After I knotted the hair twice, I pinned it so I could work with the rest of the hair & pull it into a slight side pony tail. Then I took the bobby pin out after it was all pulled back.
After the hair was into a pony, I split the hair in half but I made the halves very uneven, with one large piece & one small piece. Tie the hair into a knot, right over left & pull it tight. Now, see the smaller piece of the two ends? Wrap that around the pony tail.
I put an elastic in place to hold the wrap around, but kinda hid it with the hair.
Although it looks like alot of steps, it really is so easy & all I needed was 2 elastics for it!! Pretty good, right?

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