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Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm back...and how about some criss cross braids.

Whoa, that was longer than I thought. I beg for forgiveness. We have had swimming lessons each day this week at noon and it just didn't make sense to do my girls hair twice a day, so instead they have resembled orphans.

Today there was no swimming lessons. WOOT!

This was going to start out as two braids pulled together. I have been doing just my regular standbys lately, but we decided to take it up a notch. It turned out pretty cute. You could do this with six braids as well. SO fun!

Part the hair into four sections.

Braid down as far as you can. I did an upside down braid this time.

Secure each section with an elastic.

Then, if you numbered the braids 1...2...3...4, you take braids 1 & 3 together and secure them with an elastic.

Then comb the hair under smooth and spritz with some hairspray.

Then secure braids 2 & 4.

Tie a ribbon around each braid.

Curl the ends under.

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