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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Soft and a little more grownup.

My girl is growing up. She is throwing her locks in with the likes of HSM and Hannah Montana. She wants the soft curls and the trends. Which is okay with me, so long as she lets me braid it once in a while.

We started out with dry hair. I curled the ends and teased all around her crown.

Then we pulled back the hair where her bangs (if she had them) would have been. I usually use four bobby pins. Make an X and then another one over the top of that. Pull out the front just a bit to make the pieces a bit more uniform.

It looks fine down, but we weren't finished.

So we split it in two and made some soft, loose, low ponytails.

She thought she looked SO grown-up. But you and I both know that two ponytails are the very essence of little girls. Don't anyone tell her that. K?

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