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Friday, August 1, 2008

More puffy braids but with some ribbon this time.

I had some ribbon that matched her outfit so I thought it would be cute to incorporate it with her hair today.
So start by parting the hair to the side. Do each section off to the side a little bit. Once you have your elastic in, tuck the ribbon under the elastic so that just a tiny bit is sticking out underneath. Make sure that little piece stays tucked underneath so you don't see it at all.
Part the section for the next elastic. Before putting the elastic in, wrap the ribbon a couple times around the strand of hair from the first section.
Continue to wrap the ribbon all the way thru your puff braids. (I did 4 sections)
Once you get to this part, twist braid the ribbon & hair together, twisting each side, like I've shown before. But the ribbon is one half & the hair is the other.
This is what it should look like.
Add gel to prep before diffusing. This is the best gel that I have found. I just buy it at Evan's Hair School & we have a huge bottle that we just keep refilling this one with. It's great for little boy's hair too.
Pssst...I know a secret!! If your little girly doesn't have natural curly hair, like mine, than here's a little secret: Beat 1 EGG WHITE & apply it to your girly's hair just like you would apply gel. Then diffuse like you normally would. Still add a little bit of gel too just to hold it. This totally works! My hair is straight as can be & it works well for me, although you might get a stinch of smelly egg white in your hair, so I would spray a bath & body works spray in it when I was done.
Diffuse her hair. If you don't own a diffuser (most blow dryers come with them now a days) then just use your hand & scrunch up her hair & place the blow dryer next to your hand. Diffuse until it is dry. Spray with hair spray so it will hold all day.
Add a cute bow at the end of puff braid.
Pretty simple, right? If you don't have the time to do a ribbon - then just do normal puffy braids. But you have to try the curling with the egg whites. Let me know if it worked for you!

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