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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Twist Pig Tails

My husband came home from work last night & surprised me with a copy of "Breaking Dawn" & I am already 1/2 way through with it. Children neglected...yes. I could barely put the book down to get them ready for the day - hence seeing it is the afternoon now. But I thought I could take a break from the book & do a post & so I can get other stuff done today too.

I adapted the twist part in this style from Check her idea out- it's pretty clever. Here's my "twist" on it:

I always do her hair right out of the bath - so her hair is damp. Do a slant part & add your 2 elastics. Then part the rest of her hair straight down the middle.
Do 2 elastcis underneath, clipping the rest of the hair up EXCLUDING the top piggies.
Now, wrap the pieces around each other.
& wrap them again so they look like this.
Pull it to the head & make the twist even with the middle part. Pin it so it will be stay put. Do the exact twist to the top, also pinning it
After you have pinned the top & bottom twists, make your pig tails, taking one side of the bobby pins out while working on that side. Still make sure both the twists are even in the middle.
Since I haven't done JUST pig tails in a long time, that's what I wanted to. I round brushed them because it is SO easy & it gives the hair volume, while curling it at the same time. So killing 2 birds with 1 stone - NO curling iron. The easiest way to round brush piggies is to blow the hair until it is ALMOST dry. Then wrap one whole side onto the round brush & blow dry it - rather than doing it in pieces or layers. It gives that soft look.
I did "rat" the top near the elastics, just a little & sprayed it. This really was super fast for me - but if you want to save time - cut the bottom part & just do the top.
Add some cute bows & you're done!!

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