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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Headband with more Twists

I wanted to do this so you can see the headband. I LOVE doing hair headbands. They are so cute & you can do them in so many ways - like a braid or french braid or even a french twist - so many unlimited options. But today - we just did a straight headband.

First off, part the hair on the natural side & then part from the part down to the earlobe - on each side of the part. Pull the rest of the hair up into a clip.
As you can see, her hair is all clipped up & I've grabbed both sides of the head band & tied them together underneath with an elastic.
Then, I parted the hair going along with that same natural part, a little bit further down & once again cut towards the ear lobe so that I had a piece that I could twist. I pinned it to the side, to stay out of my way, so I could part the hair down the middle now & pull it all together into one pigtail, including the twist.
Part the other side & get your chunk & twist as you did to the other side. This is what it looked like when I pinned it so I could smooth all the hair into a pony tail before adding it (& as I was making my middle part for the piggies)
Make sure you include the end of the hair wrapped around (headband) into one of your pigtails or split it into both your pigtails. Now that both your piggies are in, continue twisting the piggie all the way down. Loop it up & secure it with an elastic. It automatically will do a "figure 8" twist in the pig tail if she's got long enough hair. Spray the ends a little - so they will flip over the pig tails.
& once again - of course - add your darling bows. Didn't the head band turn out darling?

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