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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Puffy Braid Headband

Her hair on the sides gets really thin, so to do this, take SMALL chunks to make it work, if your girlie's side are thinner too.
For me, it was easiest to start in the middle & go off of that part. Part a small square section right in the middle & add your elastic.
Add your second elastic, by parting it the same way & size.
& now the 3rd elastic - doing the EXACT thing.
Make your way, doing each section one at a time & then go to the other side doing the same. Try to make sure each of your parts line up with each other.
This is what it looks li ke when you are finished.
I blow dried, put polmade in & then flat ironed her hair.
That's it!! Cute way to do a head band & keeping all the bangs out of her face, but still able to wear it down.

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