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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Criss-Cross Do

Remember this?
Well this time you are going to do that exact same thing just underneath.
Part the hair on the side, keeping it on the side all the way down. Clip one side out of the way, so you are working only on one side.
Part the hair & pull the rest into a clippie so it stays out of the way. Then part that section into halves & add your elastics.
Do your next row the same way, but before you add your elastics - criss cross each side.
Do the same to the other side & put each side into a pony tail.
I put her hair in pink curlers. I had a picture but forgot to add it. But I put them in when her hair is damp, almost dry. I keep them in for about an hour & then I put the blow dryer to the curlers to make sure the hair is completely dry.
Take the curlers out & spray the curls.
Her hair is so long so I pinned up the curls so you could see the underneath part.
Add your cute bows & you're finished!

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