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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some Fun Pics

I just wanted to thank everyone for the really nice comments & emails that you leave me. I try to answer most of them back if you have a question - but if I haven't - I want to apologize. I love that people actually use this. I thought I would be doing it more for my own family & friends so it's really fun to see everyone checking it out. It's so fun to see everyone's comments, questions & their own imput. Please - keep it coming.

I wanted to post a couple pictures that some people have sent me. Keep sending them - I love to see what you guys come up with or if you try any of these hairstyles on your little girlie. And if you come up with something different - send it to me so I can post it, with step by step instructions (if you'd like). Everyone always is looking for new things, even me. So keep sending them.
This is sent from the mom of Oh Sew Girlie. If you guys have not checked out her bows - click on the link to the right. They are DARLING!! Especially the Over the Top bows. Love them!! Here's what Ginger came up with for her darling little girl. So cute!!
This is Ginger's girlie again. She's picking everything up so good & her little girl looks so cute!

Thanks again everyone!! Hope to see more pics soon

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