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Friday, August 29, 2008

Topsie Knotsies

I know...I know...this looks like a lot but it really is quicker & easier than it looks. Give it a try!!
Part the hair down the middle. Do 3 pig tails on each side, trying to make them as even as possible with each other.
Grab a small chunk out of the pigtails & criss cross them. (if you look close - you can see the top criss-crossed)
After you have criss-crossed, grab another small piece & pull it straight across. You could do it while you are doing your criss-crosses so you don't have so many elastics in her hair. I added an elastic each time I pulled a piece over.
EASY!! Right? So then I just did messy buns on all the pig tails. You could finish it however you would like.
If I had enough bows of that color, I would have put one on each of the pigtails. But I had to settle just for the middle. These bows - I actually bought at Wal-Mart. They came attached to an elastic. I cut the elastic off & hot glued them to aligator clips so they would be easier to get in and out. & SUPER cheap.

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