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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Makeup Lesson

BLUSH! How to Pick & Wear

Blush is the final touch to any look, As a makeup artist when I work on clients I always leave the blush till last along with the lipstick

Skin tone:
Fair Cool - Light/sheer Pinks or Mauve 
Fair Warm - Light/sheer Coral or Peach
Medium Cool - Pinks or Mauve or Purples
Medium Warm - Coral or Orange
Dark Cool - Burnt Pink or Reds
Dark Warm - Light or Bright Mauve, Purples, Orange.

Nude Lipstick - Any Blush or Bronzer
Sheer Lipstick - Natural Blush 
Light Pink Lipstick - Pink Blush (Bourjois 54 Rose)
Hot Deep Pink - Bronzer  ( #1)
Orange Red - Orange Tone Bronzer or Natural Bronzer
True Red - Bronzer or Contour ( #2)
Coral Lipstick - Coral Blush (Coralista by Benefit)
Dark Berry Tone Lipstick - Bronzer
Purple Tone Lipstick - Bronzer or Slight purple tone blush

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