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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Makeup for Beginners

Hello my Beginner friends, 

So many of you have asked for a few easy eye makeup tutorials. 
So I picked two classic looks that can be adapted in so many ways.

The First is a classic smokey eye, 
This works great for lots of eye shapes including those with uneven lids (as it's easier to hide) Eyes with little definition (as it creates a shape) and overly large eyes (as it can make the eyes smaller)

The Second is a classic smokey crease,
This works on almost everyone including close set, deep set, hooded, Asian and average eye shapes.

If you master both of these techniques there is no end to the amount of looks you can do. I want you to try out both at the same time just like I did, to work out which works best for you. 

Stay beautiful my friends,
 Sinead xoxo

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