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Friday, June 4, 2010

braided rope

I had a duh moment with this. I had my camera sitting next to me & forgot to take pictures - so sorry about the no step by step instructions. You get the after effect.
I started by parting the hair off to the side (a little further than I normally would) then part back to the ear bo make like a box. Twist braid her hair until all hair is included. If you can't remember - you start at the top with 2 strands. You brush the rest of the hair forward (or whatever way you are grabbing the hair from) Start by twisting once & the next time you twist, you grab from the section that is pulled forward. Now, twist again & grab. Going all the way down. Once I got where there is no more hair to grab, I corkscrew twist to the bottom - going as far down as possible.
Add a side pony. Then wrap the twist around it, securing with an elastic & hide it as best you can.
top view
front view: this worked great with long hair but if you have a girlie with short, don't do a side pony, keep half of the hair down & try it.

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