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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rolled Braided Flower

This little girlie has started kindergarten!! We are thrilled & she's lovin' it!! Who knows where we've been - we've just let time slip past us. But I'm still around - posting:)

My sister is fabulous & she actually came up with this idea - I had to ask if I could put it on here it's so genius. You know those darling flowers made out of material - that are rolled & are just so cute? Well - she thought it would be fun to try it on hair. I am in love with it & we've done it a few times since. It is one of those that YOU can do on yourself, on your girlie or even a teenager could wear. Don't we love those? I'm just sad that my hair's too short do fun things like this anymore.

CHECK back because I'm going to post another variation of this darling rolled braided flower
It starts out really easy & simple. Just pull a section of hair back & braid it. I wanted the braid back a little bit - so it didn't sit right on top of her head or too close to her forehead so just bring as far back as you would like. Secure end of braid with an elastic leaving no more than 2" at the bottom
Start by twisting the hair, but keep that braid flat to the head. After about each roll or twist - I secured it with a bobby pin
Try to hide that bobby pin as it's going in.
Keep rolling & keep that flower as flat to the head as you do so - continuing to secure with bobby pins.
When you get near the end start to twist the unbraided section & hide it under the flower & secure with bobby pin.
finished flower:
side view of flower
We left her hair down - but you could pull it up or do 3 flowers in a row - like those headbands. so cute!!

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