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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my last variation on the rolled braided flower

Who doesn't love wearing these darling rolled flower headbands? {which are super easy to make btw - if you're ever wanting to learn just google them & step by step instructions will show up} This is my last post on the rolled braided flower for hair - for those of you who are sick of seeing this flower!! I've been meaning to post this forever - & I'm really excited to. There are so many ways you can wear the rolled braided flower & this is just another fun way. Also - for those of you whose girls don't like keeping the headbands in all day, {ahem} mine, this is a perfect way to do a foe head band
Do the rolled braid just like we've done in the previous post {if you haven't seen it - scroll down to get instructions - it's just a few posts before this} I then did another smaller one next to it, doing the exact same thing. For the third one, I just did it smaller, between the already there flowers. I tried to overlap it as much as possible over the 2 flowers to make it look close together & it looks better. **When I say smaller - I mean make the braid smaller - not quite as thick.
The finished look. We kept the rest of the hair down. It turned out super cute & was really fun. People actually noticed that it looked like the flower headbands!!

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