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Monday, December 20, 2010

triple inside-out frenchbraids

We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays as much as we are. It sure is keeping us busy. & I told you in my last post my camera broke. Well - the next week we went to Disneyland & I couldn't even find it ANYWHERE!! I've been using my mother inlaws for a few days & had to sneak a post while I had a camera.
Starts by sectioning off the front part of the hair & frenchbraiding it.
I skipped the middle part & sectioned the underneath part first.
Then I frenchbraided that the same direction as the top.
Now do the middle section, braiding the opposite direction & adding an elastic to where you want your pony tail to be.
The tricky part is getting these dang pony tails even with each other. Mine are a little off (& they will be lopsided since one has more hair than the other)
I braided each pony tail.
Pulled it up half way & secured with an elastic
Then folded that braid in half again & secured with an elastic. These are our favorite type of buns to do right now since her hair is so long.
add your ribbons & you are done. Which by the way - we hardly wear bows anymore - she's all about ribbons which I'm find with - they stay in her hair better & look just as cute

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