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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Smoother Skin

I have been using the magic peeling glove now for a few weeks. I love this way of exfoliating because you are phycailly removing the I don't have to worry about my skin reacting to the lotions/gels and beads mix that typically come along with exfoliating.

Before using the peeling glove I was using Dove Shower scrub. I like it. It has a beautiful smell and I thought it exfoliated pretty well that was until I use the magic peeling glove which is amazing!

Not only does this exfoliate the skin but it has other benefits -

-Eliminates dead skin cells with a gentle action that leaves the skin brighter.
-Liberates the skin from impurities and improves the skin ability for deep penetration of treatments - Like Anti-wrinkles, Moisturizer, Anti-cellulite and Spot removing.
-Revitalizes stretch Marks and acne scars.
-Prepares the skin for a perfect hair removing by promoting the exposure of ingrown hair.
-Promotes more effective and long lasting tanning.
-Help to prevent and clear up the small dark spots from the chest, face and hands that can be caused from the exposure to the sun.

From my experience I have found that it has brightens and smoothed my skin. Boosted circulation which has help with the improvement of the skin overall and helped revitalized stretch marks. (on going process)
Help with the removal of old fake tan and allowing new tanning application to last long and look flawless. Aided with the removal of hair, including getting a closer smoother long lasting shave and made is easier to use a epilator on underarms and bikini line due to exposure of the hair and the reduction in ingrown hair. 

All in all I LOVE this product and look forward to using it every week. 

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